Summer 2016

During this summer I have been receiving couchsurfers round and round. Really, all the time I have a few persons from abroad at my place. This is because these few months I decided to spend at home. Instead of meeting new people doing trips, I just invite them to my house.

So, since Jun I’m never alone. From 2 lst months I have already hosted a couple from Mexico, three guys from Russia, one guy from Canada and now I’m hosting girls from Chile. Let me tell you a few words about the man from Canada. He was the fanniest of all the guests as far this summer. You know what? Though I am American I had really no Idea that many Americans dislike Canadian and vice versa.

Indeed, I do like Canadians, I even was dating a Canadian girl in the past so what I have heard from my Canadian friend suprised me a little bit;). Or maybe rather he broken me up. What interesting all the cutting joke that he told me were what Americans say about Canadian people! Well, it seems like these are we – Americans the bad people who laugh at them! How good that my guest mainained a healthy distance from himself!

We had a lot of fun! Anyways, did you hear that Canadians are renowned for being hokey lovers sitting among snow drifts and apologizing for everything? Oh, I remember one story about Canadian people that my friend told me. It was about his friend who came back from vacation and what she saw in her house was a robber! Then instead of calling police and so on his hamily sat him down to have a long lengthly discussion. Wow! Isn’t that crazy? I think it is a little bit weird maybe more funny but it’s also very sweet. So, yeah, the Canadian was the best.

My house during Summer 2016. Never empty.

The another couchsurfers, from Russia… oh man. I had never did party so hard before I met them! Maybe this is because I need just a little % to be in super-party mood… But hanging out with those guys I was drinking much much more! I didn’t eve try to keep their end up! Gosh… I’m just wondering whether all people from Russia are able to party so hard? It is said that they are indeed. Well, actually I plan to go to Russia, but now I know that before I go there I must prepare well! In terms of drinking vodka obviously!;)