Guests from Poland

Just a few weeks a go I was hosting two girls from Poland. They had texted me a few months before their planned trip to Miami. But thought they had planned their whole trip in details, destint just like playing tricks. When they were tellin me their story I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Though it was only fifth day of the girls’s trip they had already experienced food poisoning, seasickness, carsickness and so on. What interesting in spite of everything they were such optimists that I was just jealous for theirs great aptitude, for the positive energy they had and the enthusiasm that you could feel in the air when talking to them!

They were hitchhiking and though they admitted that in the past they have experienced a few very unpleasant situations, they seemed to have such faith in people like no-one else! So they told me a few stories from their journeys. One from Poland, it was a few years ago. Actually that was the very first time they were hitchhiking. They wanted to do some tour to Auschwitz museum so they needed to go on Auschwitz tour from…

I’m not sure whether I’m right but it was Krakow I guess. Some nice old man offered them a drive, they used the opportunity. Finally safe and sound they’ve got to the museum. One year later, they were standing in the same place trying to snatch an opportunity to get somewhere for free. This time they were heading for Vienna. Suddenly, some familiar car has stopped in front of them. Yes, the car looked very familiar.

Guess who’s sitting behind the wheel. The same old man that has gave them a lift a year backwards. This is what is known as a happenstance! Wow. The lucky hitchhikers have stayed at my place two days more hanging out in the city center almost all the time. Then they continued the trip. Obviously, we keep in touch and they promised to take me round their city in Poland when I’m there. Can’t wait to see them again. Unquestionably, the most optimist persons I have ever met.

Say cheese! What happened in my house stays in the house!;))
Say cheese! What happened in my house stays in the house!;))