My first experience as a couchsufrers’ Host

Though it was pretty long ago, I will never forget the first time I was hosting couchsurfers. They were from Mexico and they were pretty… peculiar. But only at the beginning ;). Ok, it was friday late evening. I was almost sleeping, but suddenly loud notification sound from my phone woke me up informing me about new message at my mailbox.

Normally I don’t care and open the mailbox not sooner then in the morning. But this time the notification sound kept repeating over and over. I was to annoyed to fall asleep again. I grabbed the phone and I was about to turn it off but… I spotted the messages keep coming from couchsurfing platform. I would feel so bad if I didn’t check them. So I opened the notification and all 5 messages were from one person – Alice from Tristan da Cunha! From where?! I was asking myself. I have never heard about such place… That intrigued me.

I openned the messages and I saw words written by some very determinated person. Alice – because this was her name was talking how exhousted she and her travelmate are with their trip and how much they need a place to sleep this night. Each next message was more and more desperate. Off-hand I texted her back inviting them to my place. Since I live in the city centre, it’s not difficult to get to my place, even at night.

In less then one hour the couple was with me. It was the middle of the night and they seemed to be so tired so I didn’t ask them about anything. However they said they need a sleep.We were going to talk next day in the morning. Well, the next day in the morning I expected to talk to them but didn’t want to wake them up. So I went to work hoping that in the afternoon we’re gonna meet.

When I came back home they were still sleeping. I started be a litle bit scared. The whole situation seemed to be a bit strange. I had at my house some strange people that I knew nothing about them and they were sleeping almost 24 hours! Wasn’t that weird?! To me it was. But my hospitality didn’t let me to be rude! I decided to wait untill they’re awake and then ask them about everything or ask them to leave.Sudenly, I heard a gentle voice of the woman saying „We’re really sorry, we slept so long and we didn’t even tell you anything about us, let us fix it”. Hen they told me their whole sad story.

Indeed they were from this strange little island called Tristan da Cunha. The nearest human settle is located over 2500km away – St Helena Island. There is also RPA quite „near” – less than 2800km. They were travelling by a ship to RPA and there they took a flight here. But to get frm the seaport to the airpot they decieded to hitchhike! Unfortunately they encounterred the worst possible people to travel with.

Alice and Silvia, my very first guests since I've been a Host officially!
Alice and Silvia, my very first guests since I’ve been a Host officially!

The helpful people that offered to drive them a few kilometers have rubbed them. Good they saved their documents and could take the flight that they had booked before. Finally safe and sound but very upset and tired they’ve got to my place. We went out for a dinner twice but the rest of their short stay in the city they spent on their own going sightseeing, meeing new people and enjoying the great weather.

We are still in touch and maybe some day I will visit them on their small, wild, terribly located island. So yeah, my first experience as a host was a little bit weird a the beginning but turned out to be a great possibility to meet those two awesome people that I keep in touch till today.