Couchsurfers from Japan

Unquestionably my favourite guests! Gues why! Yesss! I love their food! I love Japanese food and my very favourite restaurant is The Japanese Shuki-Muki in NYC downtown. All the ingredients they use are from Japan. Well, the restaurant is pretty expensive but I always believed it’s really worth the price. Until I tried the food prepared by Yoko and Lin – my two sweet guests from Japan.

Only then I understood what the real Japanese food is. Unfortunately I have never been to Japan, but anyways I’ve been always loved Japanese food but didn’t realize that even the best restaurant is not able to prepare such good sushi as Japanese people do. However, on the other hand the couple was not very talkative so we didn’t have a lot of fun hanging out togeher, but I personally had the best time of my life eating their superdelicious sushi:).

For a change - Lin and Yoko eating... pizza by me!
For a change – Lin and Yoko eating… pizza by me!

But actually, I have learned a lot from those two. I mean, Japanese people are very calm and steady and like level-headed. I always wanted to be able to be in total control of myself. I’m just a human so it’s normal that I in part I work instinctively but for the very first time hanging out with the Japaneese I realized it’s possible to tame some behaviours. Of course I am not at such level as my friends from Japan, but I work all the time and I know I do some progress in controlling my mind.